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If you would like to create a video of your phonograph playing music using the Chamberlain or Siren Needle,
Make a video, place it onto YouTube™ and then send me the link via email.
I'll put it on my website for all to see! Thanks! John

Ted Weems - Using the Siren Spearshape needle by Chamberlain <Click Here

Using a Siren Needle on His Brunswick Phonograph<Click Here

Ben Selvin - Another video of the Chamberlain Needle in Action <Click Here

Mad Scene - Victor Victrola using the Siren Spearpoint Needle <Click Here

Many many records being played using the Chamberlain needle <Click Here

Click on the video above of a phonograph enthusiast in Russia who sent me their video of their phonograph playing music using the Chamberlain Phonograph Needle.! Thanks!


Click for the link of this video
Clayton from Houston, TX, using the "Siren" Spear Tip Phonograph needle on his Brunswick 110
Click on the video above to see my phonograph play Oh Johnny Oh Johnny using my Chamberlain Phonograph Needle.
What is a Siren Needle you ask? It's the newest needle on the market for your old Phonograph records. Shaped like a Spear, it produces a wonderful tone. The volume falls between my Chamberlain Medium and Loud toned needles. Check them out! I am the only one who has these needles available!
A video about the History of the Gramophone.
A neat presentation how music was recorded onto a wax cylinder tube. This is a live recording of music onto the cylinder itself, presented at the Edison Museum.
I don't know whether to laugh or cry watching this video. I guess you have to understand that these old records are very brittle and can crack at the slightest touch. I guess you have to have a sense of humor and not take things so seriously all the time.
Condisered racy for 1953. One of my records in my collection. Although, I used this link for this song. Ruth Wallis, Fishing Pole Song.


How to repair a Victrola No.2. Reproducer <Click here

How to Repair a Spring in its barrel <Click here

Clean your Shellac records <Click here

Rebuilding a Victor Victrola Phonograph <Click here

A few more videos to check out <Click here


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