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Soft tone needles for phonograph gramophone and victrola Needles for gramophone victrola and phonographs Spear Tip Phonograph needle gramophone phonograph phonograph needles for gramophone victrolas

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Phonograph Divider Line Gramophone Parts
Phonograph Divider Line Gramophone Parts
phonograph gramophone needles

Gramophone Leather Belting
(Columbia, Edison, Pathe, Bertini)

18" long (457 mm) x .25" (63,5 mm) wide.They will work with any cylinder record phonograph.

Instructions included.

Black or Dark Brown, choose below.

Leather Belting

Phonograph Divider Line Gramophone Parts

Speaker Grille Cloth Material, Silk/Shiny antique finish

Edison Pathe Columbia Grille Material Speaker Cover Silk Edison Pathe Columbia Grille Material Speaker Cover Silk Great for any floor or table cabinet model that has a speaker grille.
Each piece is 18x18 inches and includes illustrated simple instructions on how to replace your old material.

Colors Available:

Olive Green
Antique White
Canary Yellow

Contact me to purchase $11.99 each    

Phonograph Divider Line Gramophone Parts

Phonograph Divider Line Gramophone Parts

I am currently updating this page as an on-going basis.

I have many phonograph/gramophone parts, records and needles.
If you're looking for a particular piece, please email me and I may or may not have it.
Needles are in stock so please feel free to purchase those on my NEEDLE page.

Phonograph Divider Line Gramophone Parts

Just Arrived! Pathé Sapphire Stylus! (NEW)

For Pathe records only!


Click here!
Phonograph Divider Line Gramophone Parts
Oak Phonograph Cabinet Grill

Silvertone Model-G Phonograph
Original with decorative wood center.

14.625 in wide x 7.75 in tall

Phonograph Divider Line Gramophone Parts
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Phonograph Divider Line Gramophone Parts
phonograph gramophone needles


Lanyards. Wear them around your neck to hold your work ID card, keys, camera, phone. Show your love for your gramophone!

35 inch long, 5/8 inch wide.
with metal clamp.

LANYARDS, choose quantity
phonograph gramophone needles
Phonograph Divider Line Gramophone Parts
Phonograph Divider Line Gramophone Parts
phonograph gramophone needles

Pathe Sapphire Tip Stylus

Used specifically for Pathe Records made prior to 1929. The Sapphire is in a metal bar.

(Post 1929, Pathe "Actualle" records are meant to be played using Metal needles. Look on the label first.)

AVAILABLE, please email me.

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Phonograph Divider Line Gramophone Parts
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PHONOGRAPH NEEDLES for your old Victrola style phonograph! We ship worldwide. NEW High Quality Nickel-Plated Steel Phonograph Needles... Made specifically for Victrolas, Gramophones & early-time Flat Disc phonograph Records. Made with pride in the USA. They can be used on your antique 1900 model phonographs such as: Victor Talking Machine, Columbia & Grafonola, Silvertone, His Masters Voice (HMV), Vocalion, Brunswick, Sonata, United, RCA Victor, Berliner, Bandmaster, Paramount, Starr, Aretino, Gilbert, Regal, Baby, Blue Bird, Cheney, Chicago Phonograph, Standard Talking Machine, Genola, Zemerphone, Thorens, Olympia, Reginaphone, Standard A, Oxford, Zon-O-Phone, Edison-Bell, Decca, Sonora, Klingsor, and many many more... that play standard flat 78's. NOTE: Never use old or rusted needles on your delicate old records. NOT FOR CYLINDER RECORDS, EDISON DIAMOND-DISC OR EARLY PATHÈ RECORDS Phonograph Information Website: Victor Talking Machine, Victrolas, Columbia, United, Edison, Starr, Sonora, Pathe, Brunswick, Records, Radio, Grafanola, Gramaphone, Graphaphone, Music, PATHÉ, Needles,Reproducers, Minneapolis, STYLUS, chamberlain phonograph needles for sale. Antique Gramophone Victrola & Phonograph Information Website: Victor Talking Machine, Victrolas, Columbia, United, Edison, Starr, Sonora, Pathe, Brunswick, Records, Radio, Grafanola, Gramaphone, Graphaphone, Music, PATHe, Needles, Reproducers, Minneapolis, STYLUS, needles, sapphire, diamond disc, records, HMV, Masters, Masters Voice, phonograph, Gramophone, gramaphone, grafanola, Edison diamond disc, phonographs for sale, phonograph parts, parts, tone arm, reproducers, motor, needles, repair service, gramophones, gramophone, phono, record player, antiques, vintage, 78's, records, cylinder records, Victor, hand crank, crank, pre-1930, Talking Machine, Victrola Victorla, Grafanola, S-19, C-19, Chippendale, C-250, C250, Favorite, Orthophonic, repair, springs, motor springs, governor weights, VV-XI, Shereton, Sheraton, VV-X, VV-IIX, VV-VI, Victor 2, Victor E,, paypal, accept paypal, Victor O, Busy Bee, Chamberlain Needles, Phonograph needle suppliers, Victrola Needles Supplier, Needles for sale, His Master's Voice, HMV,, google, yahoo, search engine, engine, phonograph part, Berliner, New Jersey, Edison, Tin Foil Repair service, Phonograph repair, gramophone repair, gramophone parts, My old Phonograph, nipper, RCA, Columbia, Sonora, Brunswick, history of the phonograph, information, how to fix, tips, tricks, broken spring, cranked, pre war, pre-1930, 1920, old time, antique, vintage record player, vintage, record phonograph, frankenphone, junk phonographs, reproductions, replicas, pieces, parts, google, phonograph needles, HMV, Victor, Talking Machine, yahoo, phonograph, victrolas, victorlas, decca, MGM, Okey, Okay, jazz records, big band records, Caruso, R.C.A., Sony, Flat disc, Gun metal, pot metal, gold plated, silver, silvertone, sears, tone-arm, tone arm, arm, sound box, sound-box, reproducers, needle, thumb screw, screw, lid, cabinet, bees wax, orange oil, cleaning, wood care, cabinet care, cleaning, leather belts, belt, belting, catalog, parts catalog, photos, images, photos of phonographs, gramophone photos, models, styles, style, history, VV, Victor Victrola, Victor Victorla, pathe, Pathe records, pathe record, England phonograph, Edison-Bell, Edison Bell, Tainter, One sided disc, tubes, radio, cathedral, china replica, Indian replica, replicas, reproductions, instructions, instruction, decals, decal, sticker, shipping, ship, free information, appraisals, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Midwest, Phonograph association, society, phonograph makers, manufacturers, old records, cylinders, cylinder, needles for sale, neddle information, how to fix, john, johnnybighit, harazin, czech republic, France, Germany, Illinois, Phonograph,ulitone, Multi-tone, various tone, needle, stylus, styli, gramophone needle, victrola, victorla, Siren, The only Multitone needle,