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Welcome to My Old Phonograph website.

This site was created for those who are new to the antique world of VIntage Spring-Driven Gramophones, Victrolas, Talking Machines and Phonographs.

This website is to help you, the beginner, get to know the gramophone/phonograph, its parts, how to familiarize yourself with what is a reproduction and what is authentic.

Think of this site as a beginning course to Antique Phonographs. This website is an ongoing project, so most pages will be updated when time allows.


My metal phonograph Needles are sold to and trusted by
collectors and enthusiasts all over the world since 1991!
The brand is Chamberlain Phonograph Needles. Located in St. Paul, MN USA.
Patented "Siren" Spear point Phonograph Needle available on the NEEDLES link.

Thanks & Enjoy the website. John H., St. Paul, MN USA

PHONOGRAPH NEEDLES for your old Victrola style phonograph! We ship worldwide. NEW High Quality Nickel-Plated Steel Phonograph Needles... Made specifically for Victrolas, Gramophones & early-time Flat Disc phonograph Records. Made with pride in the USA. They can be used on your antique 1900's model phonographs such as: Victor Talking Machine, Columbia & Grafonola, Silvertone, His Masters Voice (HMV), Vocalion, Brunswick, Sonata, United, RCA Victor, Berliner, Bandmaster, Paramount, Starr, Aretino, Gilbert, Regal, Baby, Blue Bird, Cheney, Chicago Phonograph, Standard Talking Machine, Genola, Zemerphone, Thorens, Olympia, Reginaphone, Standard A, Oxford, Zon-O-Phone, Edison-Bell, Decca, Sonora, Klingsor, and many many more... that play standard flat 78's. NOTE: Never use old or rusted needles on your delicate old records. NOT FOR CYLINDER RECORDS, EDISON DIAMOND-DISC OR EARLY PATHÈ RECORDS Phonograph Information Website: Victor Talking Machine, Victrolas, Columbia, United, Edison, Starr, Sonora, Pathe, Brunswick, Records, Radio, Grafanola, Gramaphone, Graphaphone, Music, PATHÉ, Needles,Reproducers, Minneapolis, STYLUS, chamberlain phonograph needles for sale. Antique Gramophone Victrola & Phonograph Information Website: Victor Talking Machine, Victrolas, Columbia, United, Edison, Starr, Sonora, Pathe, Brunswick, Records, Radio, Grafanola, Gramaphone, Graphaphone, Music, PATHe, Needles, Reproducers, Minneapolis, STYLUS, needles, sapphire, diamond disc, records, HMV, Masters, Masters Voice, phonograph, Gramophone, gramaphone, grafanola, Edison diamond disc, phonographs for sale, phonograph parts, parts, tone arm, reproducers, motor, needles, repair service, gramophones, gramophone, phono, record player, antiques, vintage, 78's, records, cylinder records, Victor, hand crank, crank, pre-1930, Talking Machine, Victrola Victorla, Grafanola, S-19, C-19, Chippendale, C-250, C250, Favorite, Orthophonic, repair, springs, motor springs, governor weights, VV-XI, Shereton, Sheraton, VV-X, VV-IIX, VV-VI, Victor 2, Victor E,, paypal, accept paypal, Victor O, Busy Bee, Chamberlain Needles, Phonograph needle suppliers, Victrola Needles Supplier, Needles for sale, His Master's Voice, HMV,, google, yahoo, search engine, engine, phonograph part, Berliner, New Jersey, Edison, Tin Foil, Repair service, Phonograph repair, gramophone repair, gramophone parts, My old Phonograph, nipper, RCA, Columbia, Sonora, Brunswick, history of the phonograph, information, how to fix, tips, tricks, broken spring, cranked, pre war, pre-1930, 1920, old time, antique, vintage record player, vintage, record phonograph, frankenphone, junk phonographs, reproductions, replicas, pieces, parts, google, yahoo, phonograph, victrolas, victorlas, decca, MGM, Okey, Okay, jazz records, big band records, Caruso, R.C.A Sony, Flat disc, Gun metal, pot metal, gold plated, silver, silvertone, sears, tone-arm, tone arm, arm, sound box, sound-box, reproducers, needle, thumb screw, screw, lid, cabinet, bees wax, orange oil, cleaning, wood care, cabinet care, cleaning, leather belts, belt, belting, catalog, parts catalog, photos, images, photos of phonographs, gramophone photos, models, styles, style, history, VV, Victor Victrola, Victor Victorla, pathe, Pathe records, pathe record, England phonograph, Edison-Bell, Edison Bell, Tainter, One sided disc, tubes, radio, cathedral, china replica, Indian replica, replicas, reproductions, instructions, instruction, decals, decal, sticker, shipping, ship, free information, appraisals, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Midwest, Phonograph association, society, phonograph makers, manufacturers, old records, cylinders, cylinder, needles for sale, neddle information, how to fix, john, johnnybighit, harazin, czech republic, France, Germany, Illinois, Phonograph, Multitone, Multi-tone, various tone, needle, stylus, styli, gramophone needle, victrola, victorla, Siren, The only Multitone needle,

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March 1922.Ramosola — Ramos-Eubank Phonograph Manufacturing Company, Richmond, Virginia. March 1919.Re-Call — The Huss Brothers Phonograph and Piano Company, 6 West Canal Blvd., Cincinnati, Ohio. January 1920.Recordion — Columbia Mantel Company, Leonard and Devoe Streets, Brooklyn, New York. November 1916.Recruit — Thornell-Manton, The Havermeyer Building at Courtland, Church, and Day Streets, New York City 1918.Reginaphone — The Regina Company, 47 W. 34th Street, New York City, New York. May 1918.Remington — Remington Phonograph Corporation, 1662 Broadway, New York City, New York. June 1920.Republic — Republic Phonograph Co., 18 East Jackson Blvd., Chicago, Illinois. February 1917.Retola — Ausonia Reed Furniture Company, 844 Gerard Avenue, New York City, New York. October 1920.Rishell — Rishell Phonograph Company, Williamsport, Pennsylvania. September 1916.Riviera — Riviera Talking Machine Company, 848 Eastman Street, Chicago, Illinois. March 1919.Robinola — Robinola Talking Machine Co., 119 E. 5th Street, Cincinnati, Ohio. June 1917.Robinson — Robinson Phonograph Corporation, 2702 South Alameda Street, Los Angeles, California. August 1921.Ross — Ross Talking Machine Company, 22nd Street and Glenwood Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 1920Royal — Royal Phonograph Co., Inc., 606 Courtland Ave., New York City. November 1919.Savoy — Savoy Gramophone Company, 530 Cherry Street, New York City. September 1916.Saxola — Sachs and Company, 425 South Wabash Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. May 1919.Schubert — Bell Talking Machine Corporation, 1 West 139th Street, New York City, New York. August 1917.Shell-O-Phone — Shell-O-Phone Talking Machine Company, North American Building, Chicago, Illinois. 1918.Silvertone — Crescent Talking Machine Company, 89 Chamber Street, New York City, New York. February 1917.Singaphone — Singaphone Talking Machine Company, Inc., 32 Union Square, New York City, New York 1917Singerphone — The Singerphone Company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. June 1920.Solophone — The Solophone Co., 306 Sussex Street, Harrison, New Jersey. October 1916.Solotone — Solotone Talking Machines, Lititz, Pennsylvania. February 1919.Sonata — Kesner and Jerlaw, 41 West 34th Street, New York City, New York. February 1920.Sona-Tone — Sona-Tone Phonograph Inc., 110 West 40th Street, New York City. July 1919.Spraytone — C.D.M. Trading Company, 109 Lafayette Street, New York City. May 1922.Starr — Starr Piano Co., Richmond, Indiana. October 1916.Steger — Steger and Sons Piano Manufacturing Company, Wabash and Jackson Streets, Chicago, Illinois 1919.Steinburn — Stein-Burn Corporation, Heyworth Building, Madison and Wabash, Chicago, Illinois. July 1919.Steinola — The Steinola Co., 1221 West Lake Street, Chicago, Illinois. February 1917.Sterling — Sterling Phonograph Co., 285 N. 6th Street, Brooklyn, New York. October 1917.Stewart — Stewart Phonograph Corporation, 2827 Lincoln Street, Chicago, Illinois. November 1916.Stodart — Stodart Phonograph Company, 100 Southern Blvd, New York City. June 1919.Stradivara — The Compton-Price Company, Coshocton, Ohio. September 1916Strand — Manufacturers Phonograph Co., New York City, New York. November 1921.Strickler — Strickler Manufacturing Company, 434 West Chicago Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. September 1919.Supertone — Supertone Talking Machine Co., 10 West 20th Street, New York City. August 1916.Supreme — Superior Phonograph Co., 320 S. Wabash Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. January 1920.Swanson — Swanson Sales Company, 308 W. Ontario Street, Chicago, Illinois. October 1922.Tablatone — DeRivas and Harris Manufacturing Company, 135th Street at Willow Avenue, New York City 1919.Tel-O-Tone — Western News Company, 21 East Austin Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. August 1918.The Lucky 13 — The Lucky 13 Phonograph Company, 3 East 12th Street, New York City, New York. September 1916.Tiffany — Tiffany Phonograph Sales Co., 1404 East 9th St., Cleveland, Ohio. October 1921.Ton-O-Graf — Ton-O-Graf Corporation, 112 East South Water Street, Chicago, Illinois. October 1917.Tonkola — William Tonk and Brother, 36th Street at 10th Ave., New York City. March 1918.Tonola — Tonola Phonograph Company, 11 South 7th Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota. May 1917.Toyphone — Toyphone and Woodware Manufacturers, Inc., 130 West 18th Street, New York City 1917.Triton — Triton Phonograph Co., 137 Fifth Avenue, New York. November 1916.United — United Talking Machine Co., 178 Emmet St., Newark, New Jersey. November 1916.Usona — Usona Talking Machine Company, 1977 Ogden Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. July 1919.Valuphone — Wizard Phonograph Co., Inc., 1977 Ogden Ave., Chicago, Illinois. March 1922.Vanophone — Garfield Manufacturing Co., Elyria, Ohio. August 1918.Venus Belle — Venus Company, 717 South Wells Street, Chicago Illinois. March 1920.Verdiola — Illinois Talking Machine Co., 56 West Washington St., Chicago, Illinois. July 1918.Veritone — Veritone Talking Machine Co., 145 West 45th St., New York City. August 1918.Virginia — W. P. Mertens Co., 107 W. Main Street, Charlottesville, Virginia. October 1919.Virtuoso — Republic Phonograph Co., 18 East Jackson Blvd., Chicago, Illinois. January 1917.Vista — Vista Talking Machine Company, The Wisconsin Chair Company, Port Washington, Wisconsin1919.Vit — The Vit Talking Machine Company, 123 West Madison Street, Suite 412, Chicago, Illinois. March 1920.Vitanola — Vitanola Talking Machine Company, 208 South Wabash Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. November 1916.Waddell — The Music Table Company, Greenfield, Ohio. April 1920.Waderola — Wade Talking Machine Company, 12 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. 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